Animal Welfare Division Urges Caution With Pets

Date of Press Release: 
Tue, 12/22/2009
Press Release By: 
MPO J. Newell #9256

Cold weather means extra precautions for pets. Not only do we feel the cold but our pets feel it as well. Norman Animal Welfare wants everyone to know that your pet needs adequate shelter and fresh water, especially during the winter months. They also need food provided once or twice daily.

We also would like to remind you of the dangers that come along with the Holiday season. Many of the plants associated with the holidays are poisonous to your pets. Lights and decorations can be interesting to your pets, so watch your pets around electric wiring and decorations that they can reach. The joy of the holiday includes many delicious foods; these foods can cause many problems, from diarrhea and upset stomach to life threatening illness or even death, for your pet. Your pet doesn’t know it is the holiday season so keep your pet to their usual food and routine as much as possible.

Remember when choosing a pet, make certain it is a responsibility you are ready to take on. Be aware that the financial responsibilities such as food, spaying/neutering, vaccinations and proper City Pet Licenses, among other things continue for the life of the pet.

The Animal Welfare staff wishes you and your pet a safe and Happy Holiday season.