Body Cameras

The Norman Police Department is in the process of implementing body-worn cameras.

In Fall 2016, NPD deployed 12 body-worn cameras for a three-week testing period. During the field test, officers from the patrol, traffic, and investigations divisions used body-worn cameras from three different vendors. The cameras represented the different features available on the market, as well as different management systems. Officer feedback on each model was paired with over a year of research to select the vendor that will ultimately provide body-worn cameras for the department.

A community forum was held on December 5, 2016. The full recording of the community forum is below.

On December 13, 2016, the Norman City Council authorized the purchase agreement for 75 body-worn cameras and seven mobile units. NPD plans to deploy the body-worn cameras by mid-spring.

The implementation of body-worn cameras is another way the Norman Police Department is working to provide transparency to the public. While we believe that the use of these cameras will significantly benefit both the community and our officers, we know that no technology is a perfect solution to all situations. Body-worn cameras have limitations; however we believe that in the end the community and its officers will benefit from their use.

Questions regarding the Norman Police Department's body-worn camera program can be sent to

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