Canine Handler - K9

The Norman Police K9 Unit consists of four highly specialized teams. Three teams are assigned to the Operations Bureau and two teams are assigned to the Support Bureau. The mission of the K9 is to locate suspects and evidence at or near crime scenes and to provide protection and backup for officers when possible and practical. Generally, a K9 team will be applied as a sophisticated tool to enhance the capabilities of patrol officers or others at a crime scene.

The K9 Unit is supportive to all divisions within the Department. The police K9 abilities include but are not limited to: building and evidence searches, detect narcotics, trail and or track, area search, pursue and detain suspects when warranted, and become aggressive to protect an officer and its handler when warranted or stimulated to do so.

Sgt Sumner and K9 Alan
MPO Woodard and K9 Blue
Sgt Morgan and K9 Kilo

MPO Harper and K9 Remco