Collision Investigation and Reconstruction Team


The Collision Investigation Reconstruction Team (CIRT) is primarily responsible for the investigation and reconstruction of all collisions that result in fatalities and/or critical injuries, are complex in nature, or when otherwise requested by an on duty supervisor. In addition to its primary collision related duties, CIRT also commonly works with the NPD Criminal Investigations Division and other Law Enforcement agencies by assisting with the detailed documentation of their crime scenes. CIRT is also tasked with collision related department training and community presentations.

The team is comprised of members from the Norman Police Department and the University of Oklahoma Police Department. This partnership allows both departments to merge their personnel, resources, training, and experiences together in a mutually beneficial atmosphere that results in an increased level of service for the communities they each serve. Team members from both departments respond together to approximately 30 CIRT investigations and/or activities each year. This partnership has been in place since 2005 and has been a great asset to everyone involved.

The 10 officers and 3 supervisors who are members of CIRT receive a wide variety of advanced collision related training. The basic training for team members includes At Scene Traffic Homicide Investigation (IPTM), Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation (IPTM), and Traffic Crash Reconstruction (IPTM). Specialized training is also received for the investigation of collisions involving pedestrians, bicycles, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles as well as the use of event data recorders, collision photography, computer diagraming, tire analysis, and many other topics. Once selected for the team, a new member usually receives external, department based, and at scene training for approximately two years before they earn the title of reconstructionist and begin to take a lead role in a CIRT investigations.

The Norman Police Department Collision Investigation Reconstruction Team is under the command of Captain Brent Barbour.