Investigations Division

Captain Ricky Jackson serves as the Criminal Investigations Commander overseeing the Criminal Investigations Section, the Special Investigations Section, Forensic Services, and the Property Section.

The initial investigation of most crimes is conducted by a uniformed patrol officer, who then files an offense report to document his or her findings. In many cases, the patrol officer is able to complete the investigation, identify the suspects, and make arrests or file charges to close the case. In other cases where there are no arrests or clear leads, or if more in-depth or specialized investigation is required, the case is forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Section.

In the Criminal Investigations Section, two Lieutenants serve as first-line supervisors for 20 authorized detectives.  The Section is divided into two major categories, crimes against person and crimes against property. Two of the detectives who specialize in crimes against children are part of the multi-disciplinary team that office at the Mary Abbott Children's House

Supervisors in Criminal Investigation Section review each open case received from Patrol to determine whether it will be assigned to a detective for further investigation. Many criteria are considered by the supervisors in making this determination. Solvability factors being whether there are witnesses and/or physical evidence, whether viable leads exist or can be developed whereby to identify the suspect, and the extent of injury and/or property loss. As a rule, essentially all violent crimes against persons, crimes against vulnerable adults, or other incidents of an especially serious nature are assigned or follow-up.

The Special Investigations Section fulfills a unique function within the Department’s organization.  The primary mission of Special Investigations is to avert illicit drug trafficking. By working in a covert manner the detectives assigned to Special Investigations are in a unique position to assist other divisions of the department to conduct sensitive investigations in a variety of circumstances.

The Special Investigations Section has one Lieutenant that serves as the first-line supervisor for nine detectives. Two detectives are assigned to conduct interdiction activities primarily along Interstate 35.  One detective is assigned to work in the area of Diversion dealing with the illegal distribution of prescription drugs. One detective is currently assigned to Drug Enforcement Agency as a member their task force. All members of the Special Investigations Section work a variety of drug-related investigations that require and utilize a team approach for successful operations.

Special Investigations works in partnerships with other law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal levels to investigate and impact drug trafficking.  These partnerships allows for successful investigations dealing with large scale operations.  The Special Investigations Section accomplishes the abatement of drugs utilizing a variety of operational approaches.  Interdiction units work the major highways in Norman to identify drug trafficking moving through and into our community.  The diversion of prescription drugs is one of the highest threats facing society.  Investigations are conducted in partnerships with the health care profession in an effort to reduce this critical issue. 

The Special Investigations Section collects intelligence on potential criminal drug activity provided by the Norman community and other police officers. Detectives begin a basic inquiry technique which establishes the validity of the information and potential assignment as a full comprehensive investigation.

The Forensic Services and Property Section has two Forensic Technicians, one Forensic Video Analyst, and two Property Technicians who support Patrol, the Criminal Investigations Section and the Special Investigations Section.  

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