Deputy Chief

The Norman Police Department is one of the leading and most progressive police departments in the state. The men and women of the Norman Police Department, including both commissioned and civilian personnel, work each day towards providing the highest quality of police services to the community to enhance the quality of life in Norman. Our department mission is "To maintain and enhance the quality of life in the City of Norman by protecting life, liberty, property, and keeping the peace."

Employees are empowered through the community-oriented policing philosophy to make decisions and develop long-term problem solving solutions that will help further our crime prevention efforts. We are committed to providing the highest quality police services that we can. The importance of cultivating and maintaining positive partnerships and relationships in the community is a cornerstone to being successful in our community-oriented policing efforts and to help our city in maintaining its high quality of life that its citizens enjoy. We will continue to solicit your help and listen to your ideas, suggestions, and comments to continually strive to improve and modify our services to meet our citizen's expectations. 

As the Deputy Chief of Police, it is my honor to help direct and guide our department's efforts to provide the highest level of service that we can to our community. I know that our officers are well-trained, well-equipped, and community-minded. They are all exceptional people who understand integrity, accountability, diversity, partnerships, and professionalism. Many of our officers serve as members of civic groups or on the boards of various community and non-profit organizations throughout the community. 

We will respond to your calls for service, assistance or help in a timely and professional manner. The Norman Police Department is a group of true professionals who understand mutual respect and how to provide police services with a service attitude. If I, or any member of the department, can assist you in any way please contact us. 

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