Fee Schedule for Reports

Norman Police Department Records Section 

Schedule of Administrative Fees

  • Copies of Incident/Collision Reports
    • Uninvolved party; non-certified $0.25 per page
    • Uninvolved party; certified  $1.00 per page
    • Involved party No Charge
  • NPD/Individual Records Check (MNI)   $5.00 per name
    • Military Recruiter  No Charge
    • Persons requesting their own record  No Charge 
  • All other public information reports    $0.25 per page
    • News Media No Charge
  • Search Fee for non-automated archived files           $7.00 per half hour 
  • Research Fee for customized Crime Analysis   $15.00 per half hour
  • Mail, Fax or Email Fee   $3.00 per report
  • Copies of Audio                                                            $30.00 per incident
  • Copies of Video (Deposit Required)                                $30.00 per video
  • Impound Vehicle Release   $20.00 per vehicle
  • Fingerprints   $5.00 per card
  • Noise Variance Permit Application    $25.00 per location 
  • Street Closure Permit Application   $25.00 per location
  • Taxi Permit Application   $35.00 per approved application
  • Parade Permit     $25.00 per event

Fees may also be waived based on circumstances specified in 51 O.S.24A.5.3b

Most requests received by mail, fax or email will be processed within 48 hours of the receipt of request and payment. Video redaction, audio and photo processing time will vary. Download a request form here