The Norman Police Department Internship Program accepts applications year-round.

NPD Internship Application

Completed applications should be mailed or delivered to:

Norman Police Department

Attn: Officer Ashlie Livingston

201-B West Gray Street

Norman, OK 73069


The Norman Police Department has partnered with area Colleges and Universities to offer Internship opportunities.  An internship at the Norman Police Department gives students the opportunity to be exposed to various areas of the department and to work with highly trained and professional police officers.  Interns will receive hands-on training in the areas of Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Crime Lab, Property Custody, Media Relations, Records, and Training.  An Internship at the Norman Police Department will be very rewarding and will give students the opportunity to be part of the day-to-day operations of the third largest police department in the state.


The selection process to become a Norman Police Department Intern is very competitive and is based upon the following criteria:


1. Application Information

2. Education level/Major

3. Grade Point average (minimum 2.5)

4. Personal References

5. Background check



Applicants should first contact their university internship coordinator to insure that all university requirements have been met and that they are in fact eligible for an internship program. A letter from the university internship coordinator indicating student eligibility and enrollment must be turned in with the initial application.

Each student will be required to submit an application to the Norman Police Department.

Applications will only be accepted during designated periods of time.  These time frames will be announced on our website.



lnterns are required to obey all State and local laws. Additionally, the following program rules must be obeyed. Violation of these rules shall be cause for removal from the internship program.


Compensation: Internship opportunities at the Norman Police Department are unpaid. Students will not receive any compensation from the Norman Police Department or the City of Norman for duties as an Intern.  


Safety: Interns must conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times. Unsafe acts or conditions must be reported to the Shift/Division supervisor and the Internship Coordinator as soon as possible.


Confidentiality: lnterns shall treat the office business of the Department as confidential and shall not disseminate information regarding departmental business or operations unless expressly permitted by supervisory staff.  Interns will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.


Weapons: Interns are prohibited from carrying weapons of any kind while acting as an Intern.


Enforcement Action: Interns are prohibited from taking any type of enforcement action. Interns shall not at any time represent themselves as sworn officers.


I.D. Badges: lnterns must have their Identification Badge clearly displayed when entering the building and during scheduled work hours (except when impractical or detrimental to the progress of criminal investigations). Lost or stolen I.D. badges must be immediately reported to the Internship Coordinator. lnterns are required to return I.D. badges at the completion of the program.


Conduct: Interns shall not at any time engage in unbecoming conduct which tends to discredit the Department.


Courtesy: Interns shall not use profane or intentionally insulting or degrading language or actions toward any other member of the Department or to any citizen. lnterns shall be courteous and tactful in the performance of their duties and shall promptly respond to all reasonable requests for assistance. Interns shall refer to sworn staff members by their appropriate rank and last name.


Punctuality and Attendance: Interns are required to report to work on time and at their correct duty assignment.  Time off from regular duty will be coordinated with the Intern coordinator at least two days in advance.  In the event of an illness emergency that will affect the Interns attendance, the student should contact the Intern coordinator prior to the scheduled shift.


Appearance: Interns will maintain a neat appearance, with clothing that is appropriate for an office work environment (business casual). Adjustments can be made for certain duty assignments at the discretion of the assigned supervisor.  The assigned supervisor retains the right to send an Intern home if clothing is deemed inappropriate. 

If you have questions regarding the NPD Internship Program, please contact NPD Recruiter Officer Ashlie Livingston via email at