Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch Programs are a proven and effective means to substantially reduce not only the incidence of burglaries in a specific neighborhood, but the incidence of other crimes. A good neighbor is one of the most effective crime tools ever invented. This statement goes along with Norman’s Neighborhood Watch theme: “WORKING TOGETHER TO PREVENT CRIME.” Simply put, Neighborhood Watch is a Neighborhood working together to educate themselves about crime prevention to help reduce crime in their Neighborhood.

Why Neighborhood Watch?

The simple fact is, NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH WORKS! It does what it is supposed to do, prevent and deter crime. Numerous individuals have reported that since Neighborhood Watch has begun in their areas, crimes have noticeable dropped, people feel safer, and feelings of “neighborliness” have improved. Police Officers cannot be everywhere at once. They cannot secure each specific neighborhood all the time. However, the people who live within those neighborhoods can! By working together we can improve the quality of life in Norman.

What are the objectives of Neighborhood Watch?

The primary objective of Neighborhood Watch is to reduce the occurrence of crime in a neighborhood by:

Teaching citizens how to secure their homes/autos and reduce their chances of being a victim of crime
Encourage neighbors to become more familiar with each other and work in a program of mutual assistance
To train citizens in the recognition and reporting of suspicious activity
Open communication between the neighborhoods and the Norman Police Department.

If you are interested in organizing a neighborhood watch in your area please call the Norman Police Department at (405)321-1600.

Learn about the Neighborhood Watch Safecam project.