NPD Pistol Team Excels at Dale DeBerry Regional and Oklahoma State Championships

Date of Press Release: 
Fri, 08/18/2017
Press Release By: 
Sarah Jensen

Members of the Norman Police Department’s Pistol Team recently competed against the best shooters from around the region at the Dale DeBerry Regional and Oklahoma State Shooting Championships. The competitions took place in Norman at the Lt. Royce O. Weddle Range and Training Facility. Competitors came from Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Montana, and across the state of Oklahoma to compete. The following officers represented the Norman Police Department: Lt. Chris Vinson, Lt. Jeremy Garnand, Sgt. Shon Elroy, Sgt. Robert Wasoski, Sgt. Josh Barker, Sgt. Adam Crane, MPO Robert Maldonado, MPO Cole Gardner, MPO Christi Copeland, Officer Michael Robertson, and retired officer David St. John.

Nine Norman officers were named to the Governor’s 20. The Governor’s 20 Program was designed to recognize the top twenty law enforcement officers from each state for excellence in a police pistol combat competition. Sgt. Barker, Lt. Garnand, Lt. Vinson, MPO Maldonado, Sgt. Wasoski, Sgt. Elroy, Officer Robertson, MPO Gardner, and Sgt. Crane all earned a prestigious spot in the Governor’s 20.

Lt. Garnand and Sgt. Barker were named Regional Semi-Automatic Champions as a two-officer team. Sgt. Wasoski, Officer Robertson, Sgt. Elroy, and MPO Maldonado were the second place team in the Regional Semi-Automatic four-officer event. Lt. Garnand, Lt. Vinson, Sgt. Barker, and Sgt. Wasoski took second place in the state four-officer team event, while Sgt. Elroy, Sgt. Crane, MPO Maldonado, and Officer Robertson finished in third place. MPO Gardner and
MPO Copeland finished third in the state two-officer event.  

In individual events, Lt. Garnand earned five 1st place finishes and one 2nd place finish. Sgt. Wasoski earned one 1st place finish and one 2nd place finish. Sgt. Barker earned ten 1st place finishes.  MPO Gardner earned one 1st place finish. MPO Copeland earned one 1st place finish and one 2nd place finish. Sgt. Elroy earned one 1st place finish. MPO Maldonado earned seventeen 1st place finishes.  Officer Robertson earned three 1st place finishes and one 2nd place finish. Retired officer David St. John earned two 1st place finishes, one 2nd place finish, and three 3rd place finishes.