Office of Media Relations

The Office of Media Relations, also known as the Public Information Office, is responsible for providing police department-related information to local, state and national media.Open records requests, daily media inquiries on open investigations and interviews with department employees are all arranged by the Office of Media Relations.

This office is also responsible for the management of official department social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ring Neighborhood Portal and Nextdoor. We understand fully that public engagement through social media is an important aspect of community policing and positive public perception.

The Office of Media Relations is staffed with a civilian Public Safety Information Officer who is responsible providing information to the media, issuing press releases, monitoring and managing social media accounts, and responding to on-scene incidents as needed.

The Norman Police Department is committed to providing important and useful information to the public via local and social media to ensure a consistent practice of openness and transparency.

Public Information Officer

Sarah Jensen