Officers Compete at National Police Shooting Championships

Date of Press Release: 
Wed, 10/09/2019
Press Release By: 
Capt. Barbour

Officers from the Norman Police Department recently traveled to Pearl, Mississippi to compete against some of the best Law Enforcement shooters in the world.  Approximately 110 officers from around the globe gathered for the “Magnolia Classic” regional.  Following the regional, the National Police Shooting Championships were held where more than 180 competitors tested their skills against each other.  Lt. Jeremy Garnand, Sgt. Robert Wasoski, Sgt. Joshua Barker, MPO Cole Gardner, MPO Robert Maldonado and Officer Jamie Crowe represented the department in the competitions.  Police Pistol Combat (PPC) shooting is a sport that offers officers the opportunity to fire a variety of matches using revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, shotguns and rifles from ranges of 3-50 yards, including various positions and time frames. Law Enforcement shooting events allow officers to improve their skills while building relationships and learning new techniques for improved marksmanship that are often transferred to their roles as instructors with their local agencies. 

Lt. Garnand excelled at the events, placing first in 14 separate matches, second in five matches, and third in two matches.  Sgt. Wasoski placed third in one match.  Sgt. Barker placed first in one match, second in one match, and third in four matches. MPO Maldonado placed first in four matches, and had one second place finish. Officer Crowe, the newest participant from Norman, finished with an impressive eight first place matches, eight second place matches and four third place matches.

Officers also represented the department well in team matches. During the regional, Garnand, Wasoski, Maldonado, and Crowe won first place trophies in both the Open Semi-Auto 4-person team and the Open Revolver 4-person team. During the national match, Wasoski, Gardner, Maldonado, and Crowe placed in all three of the team matches.  They won their class in both the Open 4-person revolver and Open 4-person semi-automatic team matches, followed by a second place finish in the 4-person Stock Semi-Auto team match.

Lt. Garnand and Sgt. Barker participated in the two person team matches.  They finished in second place in the Open 2-person Semi-Auto narrowly missing a national championship by 15 points out of a possible 1,200.  They also placed second in the in the Open 2-person Revolver match as well as third in the 2-person Stock Semi-Auto team match.

Lt. Garnand and Sgt. Barker found success in the President’s Match where they ranked 17th and 18th respectively. During the competition, Lt. Garnand also earned a membership to the prestigious 1480 Club. The NRA 1480 and 1490 Honorary Club Programs are designed to recognize Police Pistol Combat shooters who have fired outstanding scores in competition. Membership is acquired by firing a score of 1,480 and/or 1,490 or more in the 1,500 point National Police Combat Aggregate matches in an Outdoor NRA Registered Police Pistol Combat Tournament.  There are just over 1,100 competitors in the world who have ever completed this feat.