Parking Enforcement Section

The Parking Enforcement Secition is part of the Uniformed Support Division under the direction of Lieutenant Jeremy Garnand. The department employs four, full-time Parking Enforcement Officers who work Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and one, part-time Parking Enforcement Officer who works evenings and Saturdays.

The purpose of these civilian employees is to mitigate traffic congestion and promote parking turnover. Parking turnover is created by the consistent enforcement of parking ordinances, resulting in available parking in densely populated parking areas. The Parking Enforcement Officers accomplish this by insuring that appropriate enforcement is carried out vigorously, yet fairly and efficiently. Parking regulation enforcement includes general enforcement of metered and time zone areas, residential parking, disabled access restrictions, fire and other restricted zones, as well as the removal of abandoned vehicles and vehicles with outstanding citations. The issuance of citations provides an incentive for citizens to comply with regulations, which in turn improves accessibility, increases parking availability and encourages the efficient movement of traffic.

To report a parking problem or violation within the city of Norman, call 405-321-1600 or send an email to Be prepared to provide complete details regarding the location of the parking problem or violation.