Request to do a Citizen Ride-Along

The Citizen Ride-Along Program is currently suspended due to our ongoing Police Training Officer (PTO) program. 

The Norman Police Department Citizen Ride-Along Program allows members of the public to ride-along with members of the department to observe and experience first-hand the various functions of the Department. During a ride-along, the citizen will ride as a passenger with an officer on patrol or observe the work day of members engaged in other functions of the Department, such as the Communications Division. 

Ride-alongs are available to Norman residents and business owners, students currently attending class in Norman and those employed within the City of Norman on most days of the week from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Exceptions to this schedule may be made as approved by the Chief of Police or the Watch Commander. 

To request to do a ride-along, the applicant must come to the Norman Police Department, 201 W. Gray Street, Building B, to complete and sign a ride-along waiver form. The applicant must also present a valid state-issued identification card or driver license number, birthdate, address, and telephone number. The application must be completed at least five business days prior to the requested ride-along date and time. If an applicant's request is denied, a representative of the Department will advise the applicant of the reasoning for the denial. 

Disqualifying factors include:

  • Being under 18 years of age
  • Prior Criminal History
  • Pending criminal action
  • Pending lawsuit against the Department or the City
  • Denial by any supervisor

Once approved, an applicant will be allowed to ride-along no more than once every six months. 

The following Citizen Ride-Along Program Rules will apply to all who are approved for a ride-along:

  • Ride-along passengers must wear business or business casual attire. No shorts, jeans, tank tops, and sandals are permitted. Attire must be free of any offensive language or symbols. 
  • Ride-along passengers must conduct themselves in a civil and professional manner and refrain from language or engage in acts that are offensive in nature. 
  • Ride-along passengers are under the direct control of the police officer and shall not interfere with officers while performing their duties. 
  • Ride-along passengers are authorized to observe only. 
  • Ride-along passengers must be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Ride-along passengers must have never been arrested for or be currently under investigation for a felony offense by any law enforcement agency. 
  • Ride-along passengers may not accompany an officer into a private residence without the permission of the property owner or authorized representative, unless their presence is required to assist the officer. 
  • Passengers are not permitted to carry firearms while participating in a ride-along. 
  • Ride-along passengers are not permitted to carry or use any cameras, video or audio recording devices while participating in a ride-along. 

Questions regarding the Citizen Ride Along Program should be directed to the Records Section. The Records Section is open to the public from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily (except certain holidays). To contact the Records Section, call 405-366-5292 or send an email to