Road Closures for Kickoff on the Corner Event Saturday August 31, 2019

Date of Press Release: 
Wed, 08/28/2019
Press Release By: 
Capt. Barbour

In partnership with the Campus Corner Merchants Association and the University of Oklahoma the roads in and around the Campus Corner area will be closed on Saturday August 31st. The closures will begin at approximately 4 a.m. on Saturday and will remain until the end of the routine game day closures scheduled for Sundays first home football game day. The closure is being made to help ensure a safe environment for this community event.

Boyd Street will be closed from University Blvd to just west of Deans Row Avenue.

Asp Avenue will be closed from Boyd Street to just north of White Street.

White Street will be closed from Asp Avenue to Buchanan Avenue.

Buchanan Avenue will be closed between Boyd Street and White Street.


If you are attending the event be sure to park in approved areas. Although most fines for parking violations are relatively inexpensive, a towed vehicle can prove expensive when wrecker fees are included. Violations that can result in towing include: parking along yellow curbs and inside fire lanes; blocking a fire hydrant, driveway, street, or alley; illegal use of handicapped parking; and illegally parking on private property.

Do not block sidewalks. Doing so diverts pedestrians into the street impeding traffic, while also causing problems for people in wheelchairs.

Do not drive after consuming alcoholic beverages. If you do drink, help save a life by using a taxi, ride share, friend, or family member to get home safely. The Norman Police Department encourages patrons to plan their travel route ahead of time, arrive early, park legally, and enjoy their time in Norman.

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