Fingerprinting Services

Norman Police Crime Lab Technicians provide fingerprinting to the community, by appointment only.

Days, Times and Phone Number:  Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings only.  To schedule an appointment, call:  405.366.5235.

Location:  1507 W. Lindsey St. at the City of Norman: Investigations Center.

Cost: $5.00 per fingerprint card.

Method of Payment:  Check (personal or business), Cashier’s Check or Money Order.  NOTE:  No cash, no credit nor debit cards will be accepted.

Additional Information: 

  • Our services include ink fingerprinting on F.B.I.  FD-258 cards, which are provided, if needed.  Both hands are printed on one card.  
    • Our Lab Technicians are subject to call out; therefore, appointments could be cancelled at short notice. 
    • A federal or state issued photo I.D. is required.
    • We DO NOT provide fingerprints for Handgun License, SDA or Concealed Carry; for Cleveland County residents, this service is only provided by the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department [see below].

Other Agencies Providing Fingerprinting Services: [ Please call to verify availability. There are no resident restrictions from these listed agencies. ]

Fingerprint Services By Department