Sunbeam Family Services and Norman Police Department Launch Care Trak Program

Date of Press Release: 
Fri, 02/24/2017
Press Release By: 
Sarah Jensen & Erin Engelke

Sunbeam Family Services and the Norman Police Department have launched a program that will help families who care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, Down syndrome or other cognitive impairments. Care Trak is a bracelet designed to help police officers quickly locate a lost family member.

The bracelet, distributed to clients and outfitted by Sunbeam Family Services is worn permanently. It emits a radio frequency that can be picked up by the Norman Police Department’s radio receiver, which helps officers find the missing person.

The Care Trak program is open to residents of Norman who have a physician diagnosed and documented cognitive impairment. Individuals must have a caregiver, no longer drive and are at risk of wandering by foot. The fee for the Care Trak bracelet is based on a person’s ability to pay. Donations made to Sunbeam’s Care Trak program have made it possible to ensure that everyone who qualifies for the program has access, regardless of their ability to pay.

“While Care Trak will not take the place of caregiving, it will provide peace of mind to caregivers that their loved one can be found quickly and safely,” said Jessica Welp, Sunbeam’s Senior Care Manager. “When an at-risk loved one goes missing, family may experience stress, panic, and feelings of helplessness. Care Trak can reduce the time that the loved one is missing from hours or days to less than an hour.”

The Norman Police Department is the second metro police agency to implement the program. In 2015, Sunbeam Family Services and the Oklahoma City Police Department began offering the Care Trak program for residents of Oklahoma County.

To learn more about the Care Trak program, contact Jessica Welp, Sunbeam Senior Care Manager, at 405.609.8939 or email or Sgt. Jacob Hunt at 405.307.7128 or email