Volunteer with NPD

The Norman Police Department and its Norman Animal Welfare Division are grateful for the support of community volunteers who assist with various tasks within the department. Citizens wishing to volunteer with NPD or Norman Animal Welfare must complete an application and are subject to a background check depending on the area or task assigned to by the department. For additional information on available volunteer positions, contact Sgt. Jacob Hunt at 405-307-7128 or by email at Jacob.Hunt@NormanOK.gov. 

Before completing your volunteer application, please note the following automatic disqualifiers. 

  • Felony Conviction 
  • Any arrest(s) and/or conviction(s) of a crime in any of the following categories within the past three years: Violent Offenses, Drug/Alcohol Offenses, Theft Offenses, or Protective Custody Detentions
  • Dishonorable discharge from the military for any Acts of Violence, Drug/Alcohol Offenses, or Theft Offenses
  • History of Cruelty to Animals
  • Committed Acts of Harrassment to Animals
  • Own or possess any animals that are in violation of a City of Norman Animal Welfare ordinance

Click here to complete a volunteer application using our online form.